Jebel al-Tariq solid state perfumes~ $3.25

Jebel al-Tariq is Arabic for the Rock of Gibraltar, which marked the edge of the known oceans in its poetical form as the Pillars of Hercules. It is from that vast, wild world that the solid state perfumes are fabricated into fragrances reminiscent of those worn by the great women of earlier times. If you are looking for the authentic, graceful & adventurous air, this line is your doorway to hitherto unknown walks in your own life, waiting only for you to enjoy them. Well behaved women seldom make history... so why not join the ranks of one of these demagogues?

Everyone seems to love these solid perfumes! ALL blends are SOLD OUT until we replenish some supplies!

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Princess Sela was a Princess of Norway. She was a skilled warrior and pirate, and she preferred it that way. Boudicca was the queen of the Celtic Iceni tribe & led an uprising against the Romans, nearly running them out of Britain! Grainne O'Malley didn't captain her own ship, but she -was- "The Sea Queen Of Connaught"! Razia was a Sultana in Delhi and like the Goddess Laxmi, Razia was a source of strength to her people. She was trained to lead armies and was the very first woman ruler in Muslim and Turkish history.