Mariner's Stripes ~$7.00

Scented with only essential oils, this natural wash booster will boost cleaning power and deodorise your laundry with none of the harsh chemicals found in traditional laundry boosters. Available in a variety of scents like those in our Mare Incognitum soap line.

Scent blend

Land Ho! »

Seven Kingdoms will take you to the seven kingdoms of the Celts. Brittany, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, Cornwall, and Galicia. Spice Islands will whisk you away to the far east where beauty is revered above all else with heady vanilla and a hint of Indian spices.
Chesapeake will have you ready to take on a mutiny. The Captain has never been so fresh. Formosa will pleasure your skin and swashbuckle your senses with invigorating citrus and exotic, pleasureful florals.