World's End Massage Oils ~ $7.75

Travel to the World's End... and back. Wind down at the end of a long day, or gear up for a long sensual evening! Go on an adventure to a faraway land, that will leave you relaxed, breathless, & satisfied- not oily. Our World's End massage oils are carefully blended, using exotic concoctions of aromatherapeutic essential oils intended to leave your skin smooth, invigorated and nourished. What all you do to get it onto your body is your own affair! These tantalising massage assistants should help to take your mind anywhere but where you are, transported instead to where you want to be.

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Drift to Lemuria, lost land of the Indian Ocean, amongst the scents of vanilla, ginger and cloves. Give your partner the pleasure of feeling like the 8th wonder of the world in Babylon's Garden. Experience the mystic shrines in Shambhala, adorned with plantations of tea trees & mint. Be the Captain of your own destiny at Firmament, the end of one world & the beginning of heaven. Visit Lyonesse, where the silver sprigs of lavender sway over Celtic fields, tickling your... senses.