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Selkies, Ships & Sirens Eclectic Emporium is a family brand of magickal utilities, and art. While the modern consumer market is rife with product lines espousing healthy and all-natural items we make it better with our flair for perfection. Selkie products are not only healthy; they are strong… lusty… virile. Selkie is not just natural; we are alive… primal… essential.

Selkie is not merely a local manufacturer. We are a family-owned, family-created, family-oriented business located in the Appalachian Mountains of WV. Selkie products are potent, original, and classy. We are uncompromising in our creation process, using only all-natural (often vegan) components.We refuse animal testing, and every product offered to the public is thoroughly tested by our human testing group exclusively for delivering literally and unequivocally the best, as close to perfection as these items can be.

Our Intentions Research Group produces utilities fit for practitioners of diverse interfaith philosophies. Furthermore, the tools we create for those purposes have been researched and developed according to methods and requirements established by expert believers in those subjects, kept retained by Selkie explicitly for their knowledge and excitement to share their cultures with the world.

So who is Selkie? Currently, every item available has been created and imagined by an assorted crew of steampunk world travellers, including an expat Briton, a psionic Gypsy Shuvani, a Latino explorer, an adventurous random ginger Kindergartener, and a fearless, feral toddler. All of our efforts are firmly entrenched in the idea that you are worth more than the money you can spend. You are valuable, to more people than even you realise. You deserve to be loved and to have the ability to love yourself. You have every right and promise to be happy, to smile, laugh and be merry. You are the archetype for whom Selkie products are created, and we are pleased to provide you with the best our imagination can conjure. Cheers to you and us, together. Latcho Drom!

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