Tarot Review- Meghan C.

So I had a tarot reading from Serenity. I've read it several times and thought about what it means and how it applies. Y'all she was SPOT ON in more than one area! I could almost visually see the situations that correlated with each card drawn. For me, people with this gift are just as important to the human fabric as anything else in this world. I'm 100% glad I did it and recommend you go to http://www.selkiesshipssirens.com/ and buy yourself one too!

Tarot Review- Anne C.

Serenity is an awesome tarot reader who understands that part of being a good reader is counseling the querent. I went to her with an ongoing situation that I needed insight on and her response was fast, and thorough. Instead of divining the future, her readings offer solid advice and a path/plan of action. She focuses more on personal empowerment and how we can change our situation than letting the fates take us where they may. She's also super sweet and friendly, which is a nice change of pace. She takes as much time as the querent needs and is patient even if you have a hundred questions. I HIGHLY recommend her services!

Tarot Review- Maria G.

Serenity, thank you WOW that is 100% correct everything!!! You are REALLY REALLY good, spot on with everything! I am amazed!