• Life Coaching

      intro special~

      Introductory special! $25 per one hour session. This is a limited time offer, price will go up for non-established clients at a later date.
      Gypsy Serenity is certified in life coaching, and is ready to assist you in your endeavours to create a more meaningful, positive life.

      What is a life coach? A life coach is a consultant, who "stands" shoulder to shoulder with you, the client, to be a catalyst in personal growth, goal setting and the ability to bring about more positivity into your life. A life coach helps a person to identify issues, and pushes the client to overcome the barriers holding them back.
      Coaches will normally be in contact with a client once a week, or at least twice a month (though clients do normally see better results with weekly consulting). Communication through email, Skype text, or Facebook messenger.

    • Crystal or Aura Consult


      Are you looking for the perfect crystal to assist you with a particular need or problem? Do you want to create a crystal grid but aren't sure how, or what crystals to use? Are you feeling "off" with regards to your aura? Our Gypsy will help you find what you're looking for. She can suggest proper crystals (extra charge if you need her to procure and ship one to you), or can suggest exercises you can do to clear fuzzy or spiked auras, or aura walls. Aura exercises may include such things as crystals, mediations, or others. Communication through email, Skype text, or Facebook messenger.