• Gypsy Divination Readings

    Our resident reader is an ethnic Calé Romani (colloquially called Gypsy). She offers a number of readings including numerous tarot, traditional Gypsy tea leaf and more.

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  • Oils, Washes & more

    Handcrafted by our Gypsy Witch, we offer an array of Shuvani oils, Magickal Waters and Magickal Gypsy Floor Washes for a number of intentions.

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  • Custom Workings

    Need an oil or floor wash that we don't offer? How about an entire spell? We've got you covered! Our Gypsy Witch does custom workings!

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  • Adorn Yourself

    Handcrafted, beaded Gypsy adornments for you body to bring out your inner Gypsy & 100% felted wool dryer balls to keep your clothes chemical free yet soft in the dryer!

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